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   Arabic Now Available on D&H TV Smart Android TV Box!
    Time: 2014-07-30 03:07:02    Clicks: 4177

    D&H proudly announce that we enable Arabic language display on our hot product TV Box, this means we may be the first one to support Arabic on Android TV Box with Android 4.0 D&H.

    Arabic is one popular language which were used as official language in about 27 countries and many international organizations, it counts more than 280 million speakers. The written of Arabic is special, it is written with the Arabic alphabet, which is an abjad script, and is written from right-to-left, that makes a little difficult for its display on electronic equipment.

    As for Android TV box, we modify it for displaying the Arabic, not more bearing for terrible composing, no spaced, no mojibake, connected, and correctly aligned, catching up on your native news as same as using PC. It's compatible with most Arabic websites which have been tested, with the zoom in/out shortcut and big TV display, D&H offers you the enjoyable Arabic reading experience, check it out!

Arabic Website on D&H TV Box 

Arabic Website on Windows PC

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