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   DLNA and Air Play support, Share video and picture on TV
    Time: 2014-07-30 03:07:15    Clicks: 4112

    Digital Living Network Alliance(DLNA) and Air play allow wireless streaming of audio, video, and photos, together with related metadata between devices. D&H TV box supports network media share function, via DLNA on Android and IOS devices, by using any DLNA enabled application like iMediaShare.


    And on IOS Airplay ready devices, like iphone4 or later, iPad2 and later, any airplay ready application can share pictures and video by using airplay button.


Push and display contents of DLNA certified application from your Android devices to D&H TV Box.

NOTE: Your Android devices and D&H TV Box are in the same LAN. 

1. Install MediaCenter application into D&H TV Box.
2. Open the DLNA certificated application, active and choose online video to play. 
3. Android device finds D&H TV Box and pushes video to TV.

Push and display local Video or photos from your Android devices or PC to D&H TV Box.
1. Install iMediaShare into your Android devices, then open it. 
2. D&H TV box and Android devices find each other.
3. At this moment, you can choose any shared video and display on your TV set through D&H TV Box.

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