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    D&H accumulation in PCTV & multimedia related products, provide professional services; transform legacy operation system and make good use of existing resource to prevent vain investment.

    Perfect after sale service
D&H can provide high quality and professional services, share successful stories, make market analysis, help operators keep in leading place in fierce competitive market

    Convergent Professional Service
D&H doesn't just provide a scientific and perfect technical architecture, further more, provide complete operation consulting service.
    Our professional service can help you
Integrate new devices and services; generate a DTV System based on Middleware
Help to build advanced DTV System under current situation
Maximize operators' investment through Strategic commercial service

Basic service
    Ensure the deployment of devices and keep the devices in good states; lower down total cost by adopting the most suitable methods; ensure getting sustainable success
Managed service
    Construct integrated DTV O&M System; help operator to do whole system/sub-system maintenance, so that operators and focus on group's developing
Business Consulting
    Provide consulting service on OPEX and CAPEX, the purpose of consulting service is to provide most suitable solution; help operators to improve profitability and operation efficiency
    Integrate various requirements; provide training, integration, customized service, planning service, and E2E VAS Solution